Kids Swimming Party at Pengu Swimming School? Here are 10 reasons!


10 Reasons Why I Should Host a Kids Swimming Party at Pengu Swim School

Last updated: January 8, 2018

kids swimming party

A kids swimming party is a blast!

What could be better than cake, presents, balloons, games – and a swimming pool! How about a KIDS SWIMMING PARY? Pengu Swim School knows how to throw a private pool party Houston area parents and their kids will love.

Maybe your little one is about to celebrate a birthday or hit a special milestone like a kindergarten graduation. Perhaps your sports star just finished a winning season and you want to throw the entire team a party to celebrate. Whatever the occasion, here are ten great reasons to celebrate your party at Pengu Swim School.

1. It’s always summer at Pengu Swim School!

Our pool has a water temperature of 90 degrees year-round. If your child has a winter birthday, our facility is a wonderful way to get out of long sleeves, into a swimsuit, and hit the water.

If the weather is warm enough we will open an outdoor play area to give the kids even more exciting options. They can bounce between the play area and the pool before taking a break to fuel up on party food.

2. Did we mention it is a private pool party!

You and your guest will have exclusive use of the entire facility during your party. Pool, lobby, outdoor play area and dressing rooms are all yours to use!

Our parties are typically booked for two hours. That includes an hour and 20 minutes in the pool and 40 minutes to eat and play in the party area. This gives the kids plenty of time to play and still have enough time to eat and celebrate without rushing.

3. We provide fun, large foam toys.

The kids will not have to worry about dragging their favorite pool toys with them to Pengu Swim School, they can use ours! Kids can paddle in a canoe, slip down the floating slide, or even fly a foam plane in our pool!

4. A kids swimming party provides lasting memories for your child.

Sure, every birthday is special, but a kids swimming party really stands out! Your child will always remember the time he/she got together with all their friends and family at the indoor pool party!

A party at the pool also gives you lots of opportunities to preserve the memories with fun pictures. Photos of the birthday girl or boy blowing out the candles or laughing with friends in the water will be priceless!

5. A party at Pengu Swim School takes the stress away from parents.

Trying to plan a toddler birthday party Houston style can quickly become daunting! When you schedule a party at Pengu our professional and experienced staff is there to help with the details!

We can offer suggestions during the planning, we are here to help during the party, and we assist with all the cleanup at the end, including loading up your car! Our goal is for you, the parent, to have as much fun as the kids!

6. Pengu Swim School has your party set-up covered!

We have tables and chairs at the facility that we will set up in the party area. If you have special decorations that you want to use we can help with that, too. When your guests start to arrive, we will greet them and make sure they know where to go and what to do.

If you want to have pizza at the party that can easily be arranged. Our staff is also happy to help serve the birthday cake or other treats that you provide. If you would like for us to coordinate some games and contests for the kids to play in the swimming pool, just ask your party coordinator!

7. As always, safety is a priority at Pengu Swim School.

For the safety of the kids and your piece of mind, Pengu’s standard is to have three certified lifeguards on duty for every private pool party Houston parents book. While we welcome and encourage adults to be in the pool with the children, having lifeguards on duty lets the parents relax a little and have fun!

8.Life vests are provided

. Besides having lifeguards on duty, we also provide life vests for any of the kids or adults who need them. Anyone who is not confident in the water will have an extra measure of security with a life vest.

9. Printed invitations!

Once we have a firm booking for your event, we will provide you with invitations and envelopes for your kids swimming party. We know evites are easier but who doesn’t love getting snail mail?! Your child’s friends will love getting their very own invitation in the mail!

10. No need to worry about bringing in paper goods and decorations!

Along with all the preparty set-up, Pengu provides tableware for all your guests and centerpieces for the tables. The party package includes tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups and forks in bright, fun colors. We even decorate the tables with clusters of balloons!
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