Can Babies Swim? Yes! Check out our baby swim classes in Cinco Ranch!

Can Babies Swim? Yes! Check out our baby swim classes in Cinco Ranch!

Have you asked yourself, Can babies swim?

Yes, Babies Can Swim!
Here is the deal, baby swim class is not just about physical development and play. Find out how Babies Can Swim at Pengu Pengu Swim school. We can help your baby’s mental development and deepen your emotional bond with your child.

Baby 1 (4-14 Months)

Pengu Swim School baby one swimming skills are all about water acclimation, comfort, and water safety. Typically, baby swims lessons students will be between the ages of four and fourteen months.

Swim school babies in the water have valuable reflexes that allow them to swim underwater and perform some necessary lifesaving skills.

As a result, baby one classes enable babies, swim instructors and their parents to learn to enjoy the water through supervision of certified instructors, exploration and play.

Baby 2 (12-36 Months)

Pengu Swim School Baby 2 classes are still about water acclimation, comfort, and water safety with more emphasis on teaching skills rather than relying on reflexes. Swim instructors with work with the parents in the pool.

In addition, babies twelve months and older will use their developing strength and coordination to help them swim underwater, float, move side-to-side on the wall, and pull themselves out to safety.

Furthermore, our Baby two swimmers that still experience separation anxiety or difficulty sitting on the steps will graduate to Toddler 1. Baby 2 swimmers that demonstrate consistent and safe behaviors with and without their parents may graduate to Toddler 2.

Check out this link for more information on how you and your baby can benefit from an early introduction to swim lessons.

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