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Exercise Equipment for Swimming Pool to Boost your Gains (And Why It Matters)

Last updated: February 28, 2019

Are you looking to get leaner without heavy bulky weights? Are you trying to create a sculpted body without a gym membership? Are you trying to find a new recommendation for a way to boost your endurance and increase your muscle mass?

Swimming is an excellent alternative to so many different workouts. It’s a great cardiovascular workout that can benefit your whole body in one sitting. With that being said, there is certain exercise equipment for swimming pool you can use to target specific muscle groups.

Whether you’re swimming or doing some kind of aerobic exercise, working out with exercise equipment for swimming pool is always good for you. It’s gentle on your bones and joints too! Hence, the reason that the swimming pool is used by many athletes (not just swimmers) as well as physical therapists and their patients.

Here are a few pieces of exercise equipment you can use to enhance your workout in the swimming pool.


Foam dumbbells are an easy workout accessory that can be utilized in more ways than one. They come in different sizes usually between 1-2 feet. They can be used to target the arm muscles with various aerobic exercises.

Simply walking back and forth in the swimming pool and moving your arms in and out can help improve your balance while the resistance will help to work out your arms. Jogging and jumping jacks are also great exercises that can be enhanced when used with foam dumbbells.

Foam dumbbells are also a great accessory to develop a more efficient stroke technique. We use the dumbbells to teach our swimmers the proper way to kick and side breath. This tool helps to create stability so that a swimmer can apply more focus to the proper way to kick.


Kickboards are very useful because they help to build strong kicks. Anyone can use a kickboard in their pool workout. Kicking sets are very popular among swimmers but they can also be suitable for non-swimmers too.

The swimming pool is a great facility for other athletes in other sports. Football players, as well as soccer players, can utilize the pool for active recovery after their general workouts. Kicking with a kickboard can help to gently recover their legs after a hard workout on the field.

Kicking up and down the pool for a few hundred yards is beneficial because it strengthens all of the leg muscles. Different kicks can target different muscles. Freestyle kicks (or flutter kicks) help to build the quadriceps, while dolphin kicks (used in the butterfly stroke) can actually be a good core workout in addition to building strong leg muscles.

Pool Noodles

When people think of pool noodles, they typically think of the long tube that kids use to horseplay. That’s what we’re talking about too! But, it can be used in many different ways.
Just like the foam dumbbells, pool noodles can be used for strength training. They can be tied around the arms or legs to provide resistance.

They are also useful when practicing swimming strokes. If tied around the waist (for smaller children) or placed under the back, it can help with floating. We also use it in swim lessons when teaching breaststroke arms. It helps students to how far down to bring their arms during the catch phase of the stroke.

Swim Fins

Fins or flippers (as many people like to call them) are placed on the feet and used to help with kicking. Fins can be a beneficial part of anyone’s swimming workout. Fins are useful because they help with propulsion. They also help to correct a swimmer’s kick.

Swimmers use them during practice but even a beginner swimmer can benefit from fin utilization. Simply slip the correct size fin on your foot and start kicking! It will feel weird the first few kicks but you will get the hang of it as the fins correct your kick. You may feel like a mermaid after a while!

Hand Paddles

Now, these are a necessity for the true swimmers among us. With that being said, they can still be helpful to a newer swimmer and useful in a workout. Hand paddles are typically used (like much of this equipment) to add resistance.

Swimming freestyle (or front crawl) is a great way to get a good arm workout in. After you’ve swam a few couple hundred yards, you can really feel it in your triceps. Adding hand paddles to your workout is a great idea to help you really build those tricep muscles.

Some other exercise equipment for swimming pool that will help your workout would be acquapole, floatation belt, swim spa and a pool buoy.

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