Most Common Swimming Concerns Answered! - Pengu Swim School


When should my child start with swim lessons?

We encourage you to come to Pengu and introduce your child to the water environment as early as 4 months old. Water exercises help your child in developing body orientation, gross and fine muscle coordination, cognition, language, visual tracking skills and visual perceptual skills. We work with you together to get your child water wise and to learn life saving skills as a baby in preparation of learning how to swim independently. Pengu also offers entry levels for kids from age 2 to 12. So don’t hesitate and give us a call now!

Is there a registration fee?

Your first payment at sign-up will also include an annual registration fee.  The annual registration fee is $30 per child, or $50 per family. The fee is due every year on the anniversary date of your first registration at Pengu Swim School,LLC.

How long does my child attend lessons?

Our focus is that your child learns all the skills necessary to become a proficient swimmer, with a strong understanding of water safety. In order to accomplish this goal we would like to see your child continue through the PENGU Super level. However, if you choose to withdraw, you simply fill out a PENGU Withdrawal Form giving a 30 day notice.

How much do lessons cost per month?

Lessons are $78.oo per month for the first child. This is based on one thirty minute group lesson per week.

There is a $73.oo per month discounted rate for the second child, and $70.00 per month discounted rate for the third child.

If you choose for one child to take multiple group lessons per week, the same payment discount of $73.00, and $70.00 per month will apply.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we offer private lessons. Please call our front desk staff for pricing and availability.

How many students are in each class?

Most of our classes have four students per instructor, however, we do have a few exceptions. Our Baby 1 & 2 Classes have six students, Toddler 1 has only three students, and our Swim Team has eight students per instructor.

How do i pay for lessons?

You can pay by automatic debit from a checking/savings account, or an automatic debit from a credit or debit card. All payments will be debited/credited on the first of the month.

If you wish to pay by cash or check, you must pay for 12 lessons in advance. In order to maintain your place in class, you must pay for the next twelve weeks by the seventh lesson in your current twelve weeks. If you have not paid by the seventh lesson, the spot becomes available for another student.

When can I sign up for lessons?

You can sign up for lessons anytime, since our lessons are perpetual and not based on sessions. Perpetual lessons allow the child to learn how to swim well, and not lose skills from season to season. Please remember that although you can sign up for lessons anytime, depending on availability, you may not initially get your desired time slot.

How do I withdraw from lessons?

In order to cancel your lessons, Pengu Swim School, LLC requires a 30 day notice on a Pengu Swim School, LLC Class Cancellation Form. Cancellation Forms can be given to the front desk staff in person or can be sent via email on Pengu Swim School’s Cancellation Form to [email protected] E-mailed cancellations are affective 30 days from the date the email was received by Pengu Swim School. Emailed cancellations are not valid until they have been confirmed by Pengu via email. Unfortunately we cannot accept verbal or faxed cancellations.

How do I register my child for lessons?

Simple, just call or stop by to register with our staff during our business hours. You can also fill out the online registration form, and a member of the PENGU staff will contact you to register. To reserve your spot, a deposit of your first month plus the annual registration fee is required.

How do I know which level to enroll my child in?

The front desk staff will ask you questions to help determine your child's level. Each level at Pengu Swim School has a certain skill set.

Do you offer make-ups for missed swim lessons?

For each calendar month your child attends lessons at Pengu Swim School, LLC, you earn one Courtesy Make-up Lesson. There is no charge for the Courtesy Make-up Lesson. It is a timesharing program. Courtesy Make-up Lessons can only be booked into classes that have open spots due to excused absences from other Pengu Swim School, LLC students. In order to qualify for your Courtesy Make-up Lesson you must call, or use the Single Class Cancellation form found on the Pengu Swim School, LLC website (, and cancel your class a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of your class. Courtesy Make-up Lessons can only be booked up to one week out. Due to limited space, Private and Semi-private lessons cannot be guaranteed to be made-up in a Private or Semi-Private class. We cannot reschedule Courtesy Make-up Lessons, or offer Courtesy Make-up Lessons for missed make-up classes. Once you have ceased your enrollment at Pengu Swim School, LLC, all Courtesy Make-up Lessons not used will be forfeited. Courtesy Make-up Lessons must also be used within 12 months of the missed class. Courtesy Make-up lessons apply to Perpetual Lessons only, and do not apply to clinics. We do not offer Courtesy Make-up Lessons for clinics. Please also keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a specific teacher for a Courtesy Make-up Lesson, although we will try!

We also offer make-up lessons in the event that the class is cancelled due to extreme inclement weather, or other situations out of our control. Refunds and credits will not be given in these situations. If a class is cancelled after 20 minutes of class instruction, a make-up will not be offered. Again, all make-up lessons, including Courtesy Make-up Lessons, not used prior to ending enrollment will be forfeited.


  • In lieu of a Courtesy Make-up Lesson, you can have a free family pass (immediate family only) for Open Swim Time.
  • Make-up Lessons are a courtesy, and are not guaranteed.

Do you offer refunds or credits?

Due to our operational costs, we cannot offer refunds, credits, or transfers at PENGU Swim School.

How do i change my day or time?

If you encounter a conflict with your current lesson time, you can call the PENGU Staff and request a change. If a spot in another class is not immediately available, we will contact you as soon as one becomes available. 

If I want to cancel my lessons, can you guarantee that i will get the same time, day, and teacher when I return?

Once you cancel your lessons, that spot becomes available for another student. If you are only going to be out a few weeks, and your schedule is not flexible, we suggest that you keep your spot, and schedule make-up lessons when you return. (You earn one make-up lesson for each month you attend classes).

What happens when a teacher's schedule changes during the course of that year, but I can't change my day and time?

At PENGU all of the teachers and staff have been through an extensive training and hiring process. All swim teachers are qualified to teach each level at PENGU Swim School. No matter who your child’s teacher is, he or she will be in good hands!

Do you have a swim team?

YES! PENGU students will have the opportunity to join the PENGU Swim Team by either completing the program through level PENGU Super or by testing with the staff to show that the student is proficient in all skills required.

What opportunities does your swim team offer?

The PENGU Swim Team is a swim team with the focus to enhance what your child has already learned. We will have friendly swim meets in a fun atmosphere that will allow your child to feel a real sense of accomplishment.

When does my child need goggles?

Students must first be able to save themselves without goggles in the event of an emergency before they are allowed to wear goggles during swim class. For most students in the Pengu program, this means swimming without goggles until they have reached the Junior or Intermediate level.

May I speak with my child's instructor before or after class?

Absolutely! You may speak briefly with his/her instructor before or after your child's class, but please keep these interactions short to avoid class delays, or disturbing lessons. Detailed questions and communication can be forwarded personally to your child's instructor by speaking with the front desk or sending an email to [email protected]

What is open swim time?

Pengu Open Swim allows swimmers to use the pool for “fun-only” while positively fostering a relationship with our facility and water enjoyment. We have a variety of aquatic toys available for your use. Open Swim Times are also a convenient way to reinforce the ideas and skills covered in your child’s class while having a great time. And the best part, mid-day Open Swim (Monday through Friday 12pm-1pm) is always free to currently enrolled students. Friday Night Open Swim is $5.00 per person or $15.00 per family. Children that cannot swim independently must be accompanied by an adult in the pool and wear a Pengu Swim School life vest.

What is the temperature of the water in the pool?

The water is always kept at 90 degrees for the comfort of your child.

How do I track my child's progress?

As students complete skills in the program, instructors will send updates to parents via email. At any time, a full progress report of all your child’s skills is available at the front desk. Parents may speak briefly with instructors before or after his/her class, but please keep these interactions short to avoid class delays, or disturbing lessons. Detailed questions and communication can be forwarded personally to your child’s instructor by speaking with the front desk, or sending an email to [email protected]

Occasionally, students will obtain benchmark skills within their level. These important skills are commemorated with ribbons presented during class by the instructor, Pengu’s way of personally motivating swimmers to improve their skills!