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Welcome to the most reputable and recognized swim academy in the city of Houston.

When it comes to swimming lessons for babies and toddlers, no one beats Pengu Swim School for sheer passion, experience, and continued success with our swimming students. Our Houston Swimming School is one of the most extensive and well-maintained kids’ swim academies in Texas with three campuses located across the greater Houston area.

Our state-of-the-art swim facility in Houston is equipped with industry-standard facilities and safety features. Pengu Swim School Houston is a top-rated swimming school that is conveniently located in the heart of the Houston Heights neighborhood. We are on the corner of Gulf Drive and Wakefield Drive. There is plenty of parking for your car or bicycle.

We are staffed by highly experienced and certified instructors and lifeguards. We have customized swimming programs starting with our baby swimming lessons for students from 4 to 14 months. Children of all ages are welcome to learn swimming strokes and crucial water safety skills.

As parents of three children, we believe in the importance of teaching kids about water safety and helping them to become confident swimmers. Also as parents, we know we have to take it into our hands to make sure our kids know how to behave, and survive, in a water environment. We want to assist you in doing so, by giving our area an indoor, year-round facility, where children can learn these important skills while enjoying the experience at the same time.

Help your child learn the critical life-saving swimming skills in a fun-filled environment under the careful watch of competent instructors and certified lifeguards.


Our Houston Swim School has a low 4:1 swimmer to swimming instructor ratio (3:1 for Toddler 1 swimming classes) for classes without parent participation.

Swim lessons in Houston, Texas are a great way to develop and grow as a young swimmer. Our year-round indoor swimming lessons are perfect for families looking for swimming lessons near Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Shepherd Park Plaza, Timbergrove, Shady Acres, Rice Milliary, River Oaks, The Villages, Spring Branch, and Memorial.

Swimming lessons in Houston are custom-designed for babies, toddlers, kids, and advanced swimmers. We can hone your child’s stroke and get them ready for their swim team.

Our flexible swim schedules make it easy for parents who need the morning or afternoon and evening swim lessons. Furthermore, we just extended our Saturday hours to meet your family swim school needs.

If you need private swim lessons in Houston or semi-private swim lessons, our year-round, indoor pool offers families a clean, safe, and family-friendly teaching environment. Every day is summer at Pengu with our heated indoor swimming pools set to a comfortable 90 degrees to make kids’ swim lessons comfortable and safe.


  • 4:1 Swimmer to Instructor Ratio
  • Red Cross certified staff
  • Open swim time with the use of water toys
  • Pengu swim academy



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Parents will pay a prorated amount for the lessons for the month you begin, and then you will be put on our automatic billing for the following month and all future months. Your first payment at sign-up will also include an annual registration fee. (The registration fee is $30.00 per child or $60.00 per family)

Make your life simple by using our automatic debit from a checking/savings account or automatic debit from a credit/debit card. All payments will be debited/credited on the first of the month. To withdraw from classes you must give a (30) day written notice on the PENGU SWIM SCHOOL WITHDRAWAL FORM


  • The most important reason your child should learn to swim is SAFETY.
  • Our swim programs are all about water acclimation, comfort, and safety.
  • Swimming is a life skill that allows students to learn necessary lifesaving skills.
  • Swim Lessons are a great form of physical activity and help strengthen lung capacity.
  • Swimming is a non-impact activity for the whole body.
  • Swimming lessons do not require a bunch of expensive equipment or costs.
  • Babies can start swimming at the age of four months.
  • Pengu Swim Schools lessons are a fantastic way to interact and bond with your child.
  • Offering swimming lessons to kids to keep them safe.

Why Our Infant Classes Are Special!:

Baby swimming age classes have a few special features to make sure your little one gets the right start.

  • The water is always warm. Infants can become chilled very quickly, so it’s essential that the water be about 90 degrees to keep them safe. As a general rule, if you think the water is a comfortable temperature for you as soon as you get in the pool, it’s probably an excellent temperature for your baby.
  • We have small class sizes. We limit the infant classes to six children. Small class sizes make sure that our teachers can supervise all the babies and answer all the parents’ questions.
  • Classes are short. Our infant classes last about 30 minutes. Short courses are enough time to let the babies acclimate to the water, but it’s not long enough that they start getting tired and grumpy.

Pengu Swim center enroll kids as young as six months and older in specifically designed baby swimming lessons. Our swimming instructors have tailor-made swim classes to cater needs of individual child and age group.


Our no-obligation, personalized lesson recommendation will give you a better understanding of our different lessons and classes and will help you choose the right spot for your child!


$54 per class


$34 per class

Head Start Clinics

Head Start Clinics are one or two-week, every day
(Monday-Friday) intensive programs.

$90 for one-week clinic $180 for two-week clinic
Please check with our staff on schedule.


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“Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.”