Our Story: Pengu Swim School is a group of passionate people with a strong desire to help children and their parents achieve one goal – to learn water safety while becoming strong, confident swimmers in a safe and positive environment.

We strive to be the best partner for your child as they build a strong foundation in becoming confident and safe in the water. Whether he or she wants to be a competitive swimmer or to just have fun surfing or water skiing, we are here to teach and encourage your child every step of the way.

We, Tiffany and Lothar Hofbauer are the founders and owners of Pengu Swim School and are parents to three children. We build freestanding, state of the art indoor swimming facilities that serve one purpose, to teach children how to swim in a safe and fun environment.

As business owners since 1999, we know that attention to detail and possessing humble attitudes towards our customers and co-workers are the keys to providing true value to our community.

We are proud of our elite Pengu staff. Each instructor is carefully selected and goes through intensive training prior to teaching your child. All of this is to provide the community with the most highly skilled and motivated instructors. It is our pleasure to work with such compassionate individuals.

As parents, we are thankful to each of you who take the time and make the sacrifice and commitment to bring your loved ones to swim lessons to learn life-saving skills.
So come set sail with Pengu Swim School and let us be an integral part of your child’s journey!

Tiffany and Lothar Hofbauer

"It's always summer at Pengu."