Pengu is in the building! Pengu swim school

Pengu is in the building! Pengu swim school

Swimming Schools Near me in Houston,Our Pengu Swim School

Looking for a Swimming School Near Me in Houston?

Are you looking for Swim Lessons Near Me in Houston Texas? Well, here is your answer. Pengu Swim School is your local solution for swim lessons in Houston.

We are proud to offer the Houston community at state of the art indoor swim lessons facility serving children from the age of 4 months.

At our Houston Swim School, we believe in the importance of teaching kids about water safety and helping them to become confident swimmers. As parents, we know we have to take it into our hands to make sure our kids know how to behave, and survive, in a water environment. We want to assist you in doing so, by giving our area an indoor, year-round facility, where children can learn these important skills while enjoying the experience at the same time.

What drives us is that above all else, we want all kids to have fun and live water safe.

Our Pengu Swim School

We have a separate climate controlled viewing gallery for parents. That way you can take photos of your Houston swim school students. Check this out, we have a state of the art water purification system. And our humidity control in the pool area with a water temperature of approximately 90 degrees. That way there are no chilly days in the pool.

We offer year-round swim school instructions. Our small class ratios ensure that your Houston swim school students get the attention that they need from our Red Cross certified staff.

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