Baby Swim 1 (4-14 months old)
4-14 month old
6 class size


Baby 1

Baby 1 (4-14 months old)

The Baby 1 level focuses on comfort, acclimation, and safety for babies. This parent-child class introduces babies to the water in a warm and comfortable environment. This level also focuses on turning involuntary reflexes into learned voluntary movements in the water. 

The Baby 1 class incorporates many songs that your baby may already know (Ring Around the Rosie, for example) and uses it to practice swimming skills such as blowing bubbles, kicking, and floating. 

Why Swimming Classes for Babies are Important?

Infants and children under the age of four are most vulnerable to accidental drowning. The horrible number of baby drowning accidents has motivated Pengu Swim School to help children with the help of a certified swim coach to learn this crucial survival skill.

Statistically, children with baby swimming lessons are at an 80% lower risk of accidental drowning than children without water safety skills. Thereby, professionals recommend baby swimming classes under the supervision of certified and experienced instructors. Pengu Swim School is motivated to conduct safe and skilled baby swimming classes in Texas.

Our baby swimming classes center around the baby and parents in the pool at the same time. Therefore, your child remains at ease and comfort while learning critical water safety skills. Our swimming lessons are aimed to train and excel children from their initial splash onto advanced swimming skills. To detail our baby swimming classes in Texas, we have modulated different learning levels. At the end of our final scale, your child will be able to float, swim, kick, and fall into the water with ease.

We teach all lessons under the strict and generous supervision of most experienced trainers and fun & educating environment. 

Benefits of Swimming in Early Childhood!

Accidental drowning is the top cause of childhood death in the USA. Children from age groups 1 to 4 are most vulnerable to unintentional drowning; the threat level goes even higher for homes with private swimming pools.

Baby swimming classes help infants and children learn this crucial skill of water safety, which goes a long way in their lives.


Six child limit per class/30 min. classes