Junior Swim (3-4 years old)
36 - 48 month old
4 class size


%Pengu Swim School%

Junior (3-4 years old)

Junior swim lessons areĀ for students with little to no experience in the water. This level focuses on comfort, acclimation, and basic water safety. These swimmers are also introduced to proper breath control in addition to, correct body positioning and movement in the water by floating, gliding, and kicking.

They also learn to self-save by way of Humpty Dumpty (falling in the pool then turning around to grab the wall) and independent floating. Toward the end of this level, students are introduced to and taught the basics of rollover breathing. Once these swimmers have attained all of these skills, they will be ready for the next level.

4:1 student/teacher ratio/ 30 min. classes