Pengu Swim Academy
60 month old
30 class size


Diverse group of people enjoying swimming lessons in a pool.Diverse group of people enjoying swimming lessons in a pool, Swimming Lessons Near Me

Pengu Swim Academy

Pengu’s Swim Academy is a year-round swim program to help your child stay fit and build their technique in a fun and safe environment. Swim Academy offers an hour-long, curriculum-based practice to help your child improve their stroke technique and endurance.

Benefits of Pengu’s Swim Academy include:

-Structured curriculum developed and taught by experienced Pengu instructors
-Focus on technique, stroke correction, starts and finishes
-Year-round practices to keep your child fit and prepared for summer league swimming
-Hour-long practice to help build endurance, muscular strength, and lung capacity
-Full access to the pool, practicing lengthwise instead of the width of the pool
-Social interaction, comradery and friendly competition among peers

Pengu also facilitates in-house swim meets three times a year for Swim Academy members. The swimmers get to showcase their progress as you cheer them on! Swim Academy is held at 7 pm on varying days (based on location) and is the same price as perpetual swim lessons.