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To register for classes at Pengu Swim School, fill out a registration form in its entirety via our Customer Portal on iClassPro and pay the prorated amount for classes in the current calendar month, as well as the yearly registration fee. If your first class falls in the next month when you register, you will pay for that month in its entirety.

The annual registration fee is $30.00 per child, or $60.00 per family. The fee is due every year on the anniversary date of your first registration at Pengu Swim School.


In order to cancel your lessons, Pengu requires a 30-day notice on a Pengu Swim School Class Cancellation Form. Cancellation forms can be given to the front desk staff in person or can be sent via e-mail. E-mail cancellations are effective 30 days from the date the e-mail has been received by Pengu Swim School. E-mail cancellations are not valid till confirmed by Pengu Swim School.

You can also cancel via the iClassPro Customer Portal. The front desk will verify and approve the cancellation if inputed correctly. If it is not, a front desk member will contact you with the correct cancellation date. Unfortunately, we cannot accept verbal or faxed cancellations. Once a class has been cancelled, you cannot move your class day or time.

Customers that do not give a 30-day notice, forfeit their ability to register for future perpetual lessons, clinics, swim team, and open swim. Pengu Swim School reserves the right to refuse service for an unlimited time to customers with a negative balance history on their account.

Due to operational costs, Pengu Swim School does not offer refunds, credits, or transfers. All payments are non-refundable. Class payments cannot be transferred to a sibling, or another child attending Pengu Swim School.

In the case of medical emergencies, which causes the child to be absent for three or more weeks, a credit may be issued to your Pengu Swim School account, and will be decided by management on a case-by-case basis. If a credit is issued, your enrollment in your current class will be immediately ceased.

If you choose to retain your class, you must continue to pay the tuition, and additional make-up classes will be added to your account. In order to be considered for a credit, in the case of medical emergencies, you must inform Pengu Swim School prior to the missed classes, and provide a valid physician’s statement.

Students who miss three classes consecutively, without informing Pengu Swim School of the absences, run the risk of being dropped from their class.

Make-up Lessons

For each class that you miss, you are eligible for a courtesy make-up token. In order to redeem your make-up token, you must inform Pengu Swim School of your impending absence, at least 30 minutes before your scheduled class time.

You can notify Pengu via phone, email, in-person, filling out a “Single Class Absence” form on the website, or by marking your child absent through the iClassPro Customer Portal. Once your child has been marked absent and has missed their scheduled class, they will receive a make-up token for that missed class. 

If you do not mark your child absent, they will not receive a make-up token. There is no charge for the courtesy make-up lesson. Courtesy make-up lessons can only be booked into classes that have open spots due to excused absences from other students. 

Courtesy make-up lessons can only be booked up to one week out. Due to limited slots, private and semi-private lessons cannot be guaranteed to be made-up in a private or semi-private class.

We cannot reschedule courtesy make-up lessons or offer courtesy make-up lessons for missed make-up classes. Once you have ceased your enrollment at Pengu Swim School, all courtesy make-up tokens not used will be forfeited.

Courtesy make-up tokens must be used within 3 months of the missed class. Courtesy make-up tokens apply to perpetual lessons only, and do not apply to Pengu’s Head Start clinics. We do not offer courtesy make-up lessons for clinics. Please also keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a specific teacher for a courtesy make-up lesson, although we will try! 

We also offer make-up tokens in the event that the class is cancelled due to extreme inclement weather, or other situations out of our control. Refunds and credits will not be given in these situations. If a class is cancelled after 20 minutes of class instruction, a make-up will not be offered. Again, all make-up tokens not used prior to ending enrollment will be forfeited. 

Please Note: 

  • If lieu of a courtesy make-up token, you can have a free family pass (immediate family only) for Open Swim Time. Open Swim Time is currently suspended due to COVID-19.
    • Make-up lessons are a courtesy, and are not guaranteed.


Tuition is billed on the first of the month with the credit/debit card on file. Declined monthly credit/debit transactions are subject to a $15.00 fee. Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 fee.

If you wish to pay in advance, you must pay for 12 lessons in advance. In order to maintain your place in class, you must pay for the next twelve weeks by the seventh lesson in your current twelve weeks. If you have not paid by the seventh lesson, the spot becomes available for other students. There are no refunds, credits or transfers for prepaid classes.

Diaper Policy

All children not potty trained, or under the age of three, must wear a disposable swim diaper and a reusable swim diaper while in the pool at Pengu Swim School. NO EXCEPTIONS. Children/guests not adhering to this policy, and have an “accident” in the pool, are subject to a minimum of a $100.00 fine.

If a child who is potty trained has an accident in the pool, he/she will be required to follow the Pengu Swim School Swim Diaper Policy until it is waived by the management of Pengu Swim School.

Children who need assistance using the restroom during a lesson, must be accompanied by their parent/guardian to the restroom in the pool area.

Instructor Assignment

Unfortunately, due to changing schedules and various other circumstances, we cannot guarantee instructors, or instructor requests. When an instructor is absent a substitute instructor will be provided.

All of the Pengu Swim School, staff has been trained in the same curriculum, so therefore, your child’s progress will not be delayed if they are swimming with a different instructor.

Pool Etiquette

All students and guests swimming must dry off in the pool area before entering the lobby area. Please bring your towel into the pool area at the start of your lesson or open swim time. Wet students and guests will not be allowed in the lobby.

Please remove all band-aids and jewelry before entering the pool. Please have your child’s hair pulled back away from their face.

Please do not bring sick children to class. If a child has a fever, they must not attend lessons until 24 hours after the fever is gone. Likewise, we ask that you do not bring a child that has had diarrhea until the diarrhea has been gone for 24 hours.


In order to return or exchange merchandise, you must have the original sales receipt, and it must be done within 14 days of the original purchase date. Merchandise must be in its original package and unused.

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