Let’s face it, we all have an opinion, and we want yours! We are interested in every detail about your experience with us. If there is something we can improve, we are all for it! OR… if you want to just tell us about something we have already done right, we want to hear that too!

There a few ways to get feedback to us: Our website, or a Customer Comment Form that can be found at the boat (front desk). And, of course, we are also ALWAYS happy to talk to you in person. We are always trying to improve our facility and program for our current Pengu swimmers, and all future Pengu swimmers.

With your help, and our continued effort to be the best, we can make Pengu Swim School one of your child’s happiest memories.

Thank you for helping us keep our boat on course! These comments are going straight to the Captain.
Without your comments, we would not be able to achieve our main focus- teaching children how to swim and LOVE doing it!

Thanks again!

The Pengu Crew!