Swim Programs

We start by asking several questions about your child to do a proper evaluation. This can be done in person at the front desk or via our iClassPro Customer Portal. We want to see your child advance their swimming skills but we want to keep your child safe as well and encourage them to keep swimming their whole lives. 

Drowning prevention and water safety are some of the life-saving skills that children will learn when they learn to swim. 

Our certified staff will place your child in the best swimming program that will fit their needs and have a positive effect on their swimming skills.

Flexible Lesson Times

Most noteworthy, we offer customized swimming classes and flexible swimming lessons.  We offer swim lessons at four conveniently located swim schools around the greater Houston area. 

You can choose the timing that suits you best. You can also ask for private swimming lessons for a more personalized experience.

Our web-based management system, iClassPro makes it easy to mark your child absent if you need to miss a class, update contact information for your child, or change any payment form with a few clicks. 

Certified Swimming Instructors

The most important aspect of making sure that your child learns to be water safe is having a fully trained and certified team that can guide your swimmer to success. 

We take each of our instructors through extensive training to ensure that your swimmer gets the very best instruction. On land and in-water training are a prerequisite for our instructors. 

Each instructor is trained to teach our baby classes all the way up to the Swim Academy.

Baby Swim Classes

Baby Swim Lessons Houston

BABY 1 (4-14 months old)

The Baby 1 level focuses on comfort, acclimation, and safety for babies. This parent/child class introduces babies to the water in a warm and comfortable environment. This level also focuses on turning involuntary reflexes into learned voluntary movements in the water.

Baby 2 (15-36 months old) | Baby Swimming, baby swimming lessons,Swim Programs

BABY 2 (15-36 months old)

The Baby 2 level focuses on continued water acclimation and safety as well as parental independence. This parent/child class builds upon skills attained in the Baby 1 level and incorporates more Toddler level activities to prepare the swimmer for Toddler classes.

Beginner Swim Classes

Toddler swim lessons,Swim Lessons for Toddlers

TODDLER 1 (2-3 years old)

The Toddler 1 level focuses on comfort, acclimation and safety for toddlers. In this level, students are introduced to bobs, glides, and back floating. Swimmers also learn safe behaviors like attempting to self save.

Junior Swim Lessons Houston

JUNIOR (3-4 years old)

The Junior level is for students with little to no experience in the water. This level focuses on comfort, acclimation, and basic water safety. These swimmers are also introduced to proper breath control in addition to, correct body positioning and movement in the water by floating, gliding, and kicking.

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BEGINNER 1 (5+ years old)

The Beginner 1 level is for older children with little to no experience in the water. The Beginner 1 level focuses on comfort, acclimation, and basic survival skills. Beginner 1 swimmers learn proper breathing with an emphasis on getting them comfortable with their faces in the water for an extended period of time.

Intermediate Swim Classes

toddler swimming lessons near me,Toddler Swim Lessons

TODDLER 2 (2-3 years old)

The Toddler 2 level focuses on teaching comfortable swimmers important self saving skills. In this level, students learn how to swim semi-independently using the rollover breath technique. Since these swimmers are more comfortable in the water, there is more emphasis placed on swimming independently.


INTERMEDIATE 1 (2+ years old)

The Intermediate 1 level focuses on survival swimming, using the rollover breathing method. Swimmers in this level are comfortable in the water and have already learned a few self-saving techniques.

beginner swim lessons

BEGINNER 2 (5+ years old)

The Beginner 2 level focuses on introducing swimmers to basic technical skills needed to be able to perform freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers in this level learn how to do “big arms”, side breathes independently as well as a kick on their back independently. These swimmers also learn to self-save by submerging and recovering to a float position.

Advanced Swim Classes

intermediate swim lessons near me,Best Intermediate Swimming Lessons

INTERMEDIATE 2 (3+ years old)

The Intermediate 2 level transitions swimmers from survival swimming to technical swimming. Swimmers in this level have learned to swim across the pool independently.

advanced swim lessons near me,Advanced Swimming Lessons

ADVANCED (3+ years old)

Advanced level swimmers have plenty of experience in the water with working knowledge of technical freestyle and backstroke. The Advanced level focuses on fine-tuning the swimmers’ freestyle and backstroke to a competition-ready level. This level also introduces swimmers to breaststroke, butterfly, flip-turns, treading water with endurance and swimming laps with endurance

pro swim lessons

PRO (5+ years old)

The Pro level focuses on the intricate technical elements of all four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) as well as learning in-water racing starts and flip-turns.

Swim Academy / Fit by Swim

swim academy near me


Pengu’s Swim Academy is a year-round swim program to help your child stay fit and build their technique in a fun and safe environment. Swim Academy offers an hour-long, curriculum-based practice to help your child improve their stroke technique and endurance.

fit by swim


Fit by Swim is a program for Swim Academy members who want to add an extra boost to their workouts! These swimmers can choose to “drop-in” to get a swim team workout on a day different from their usual swim practice day.

Private Swim Lessons

semi-private,Semi Private Swimming Lessons


Semi-private (1:2) lessons are tailor-made to the needs of the specific swimmer. These lessons are taught according to each swimmer’s skill sets instead of a particular level. Swimmers that take private lessons also have the option to swim in group lessons that correspond to their skill set.

private-lessons,Private Swim Lessons


Pengu’s private (1:1) lessons are tailor-made to the needs of the specific swimmer. These lessons are taught according to each swimmer’s skill sets instead of a particular level. Swimmers that take private lessons also have the option to swim in group lessons that correspond to their skill set.

Swimming Clinics

head start clinics for swimming


Head start clinics are offered throughout the year. These clinics are a good way to get new swimmers a little extra help before they start perpetual lessons or as an added boost to those already taking perpetual lessons.

Swimming Clinic


Summer clinics are offered at one or two week intervals. These intensive lessons help swimmers build a lot of skills in a short amount of time. Clinics are held Monday-Friday.

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