Why your child should learn swimming in first 5 years?


Why your child should take Swimming Lessons in first 5 years!

Last updated: September 26, 2017

swimming under 5 years old

Do you have a child that is under 5 years old?

Are you wondering if it is too early to start thinking about swimming lessons? At Pengu Swim School we are often asked these questions by families in our community. Parents want to help their children become safe, proficient swimmers but they are unsure which age to begin. Let’s look at what a swimmer under the age of 5 years can master in the pool!

4 months old to 2 years old:

At this age, the focus of the swimming lesson is to gain familiarity and comfortability in the water. Babies at this age will engage in water exploration, begin controlled breathing, and will gain comfort with the horizontal positioning both on the stomachs and backs as they begin to float. Additionally, babies will develop stronger coordination. While many of the activities closely resemble basic play, they actually are specially designed to develop and enhance reflexes.

There are a few things you want to look for in a class for a baby in this developmental age range. The water needs to be warm to keep the baby from developing hypothermia. You also want to make sure that there are no more than 6 infants and parents per instructor. Parents, be prepared to go in the water with your baby as this creates a fantastic opportunity to bond with your little one and build upon social interaction!

2 to 3 years old:

At this age, children begin to learn to coordinate their legs and arms while continuing to gain confidence in their floating. Much of the focus during this stage is on developing self-saving skills. Children will improve upon their gross and fine motor skills and will engage in underwater glides among other safety skills.

There are a couple of things to remember at this stage. Many parents are tempted to begin using inflatable floatation devises and toys. Please remember, these are not a substitute for supervision! While toys are fun, they are not intended to save your child’s life. Remember that your child is still very much a beginner!

4 to 5 years old:

During this stage, your child is beginning to fully develop coordination. They will use this coordination to combine the arm and leg motions to truly swim. Children this age are capable of learning stroke development including freestyle with side breathing and backstroke.

The bottom line is that swimming is a skill that improves with development, maturity, and practice. When your child begins swimming lessons at an early age and sticks with it he or she will build a solid foundation that will lead to a lifetime of fun and fitness.


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