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Top New Year’s Resolutions for My Kids

Last updated: January 25, 2019

There is nothing like the feeling of a new year! The new year represents the closing of one chapter in the book of life and the start of a fresh new one. There are more milestones to achieve and an abundance excitement for what’s to come. The new year is also a time to set goals, intentions, and resolutions for what you want in this new chapter. The best part about this new beginning is that it isn’t just for adults; children can take part too!

Watching our children grow and encouraging them to accomplish their goals is one of the best parts about being a parent. Helping our children choose those goals and work towards their success is a great exercise and a powerful tool to help in building strong, well-rounded adults.

Tips for Setting New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when we are helping our kids set goals for the new year.

  1. It is important to create goals that can be measured. For example, “I’m going to practice my swimming more” is vague whereas “I’m going to attend my 30-minute swim lesson every week” is specific and defined.
  2. Keeping goals age-appropriate is the key to success! Over-estimating may leave a child feeling discouraged and underestimating may lead to boredom. Take the time to help your child select a few challenging yet achievable resolutions. For example, a goal for a novice swimmer may be, “I will learn to swim the freestyle stroke with sound technique” instead of “I will learn all four strokes by the end of the year”.
  3. Keep it rewarding: Help your child keep track of their progress and praise them when they hit markers along the way. Don’t get upset if they don’t make it all the way to their goal but encourage them to keep striving for it. Improvements are progress too!

Best New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

Now that we have some basic guidelines, what are some of the best New Year’s resolutions for kids, you ask? Every child in every family is different, but almost all of us can find some great goals in five particular categories.

Responsibility: Responsibility and self-discipline are so important for kids to learn. Here are some examples of tangible resolutions that kids can get on board with.

  1. I’ll wash my swimsuit and towel after every practice.
  2. I’ll put away all pool toys after each use.
  3. I’ll put my goggles in the right storage bin after the swim.

Compassion and Gratitude: Compassion for those less fortunate and gratitude for what we have are great values to encourage in our children. Here are a few suggestions to start a conversation between you and your child about incorporating compassion and gratitude into their resolutions.

  1. At bedtime, I’ll think of three things I am grateful for. They don’t have to be different things every night, but I’ll be sincere.
  2. I’ll find an opportunity once a week to help someone who is struggling. Perhaps I’ll help a kid who doesn’t understand something in class or I’ll be a listening ear for a friend who needs someone to listen.
  3. I’ll help with a charity project in my community once a year.

Self-care: This category is probably included in most people’s answers when they search for “Top New Year’s Resolutions”. This is the “diet and exercise” category. If your kids already wash their hands, brush their teeth, never eat junk food, and have the stamina of a decathlete, you can skip this one. Otherwise, give it some consideration.

  1. I’ll brush my teeth at least twice a day with a timer set for two minutes.
  2. I’ll eat the recommended servings of vegetables every day.
  3. I’ll pick a new sport, activity, or skill that I want to learn and spend at least thirty minutes a day, four days a week, practicing.

Cooperation and Teamwork: These values aren’t just top New Year’s resolutions for kids but they can also be a top New Year resolution for the whole family. Couldn’t we all do a little better in the “working together” department? Here are some ideas for helping your child turn cooperation and teamwork into resolutions.

  1. I’ll help plan at least two healthy meals a week. This increases the chances that I’ll get food I like, but it also teaches me to take the tastes of my family into account.
  2. I’ll contribute to planning family activities by thinking of a fun thing we can do together.
  3. I’ll help make a chart of the household chores and I will do my chores with no more than one reminder.

Electronic devices: One of the best kids New Year resolutions is to walk away from the screen! Children will most likely need a parent’s guidance for this one. Each family is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all recommendation.

Having no screens at the table is a great start. After that, work with your kids to set goals that make sense. You can set blocks of time when screens are not allowed, or tie time spent online to time spent outside.

Now That Your Resolutions Are Set, Come to Pengu!

Yes, Pengu Swim School can help kids achieve their New Year’s resolutions! Using our guide of “Top New Year’s Resolutions for my Kids”, we can help you with some of the planning!

  1. Responsibility: Kids learn responsibility by keeping on schedule for swim classes and making sure their gym bag is packed with everything they need.
  2. Compassion and Gratitude: Remind your child of a time when a swim teacher was patient and compassionate and then encourage your child to extend that compassion to classmates that may be having a hard time picking up a new skill.
  3. Self- care: Come swim at Pengu! Staying healthy and fit is hard to do during the winter months but at Pengu you can swim year-round. We have a group and private lessons for children of all ages. If you can’t commit to a schedule right now, drop by and let the whole family enjoy open swim time.
  4. Cooperation and Teamwork: Swimming at Pengu offers lots of opportunities to practice cooperation. Sharing the pool, sharing pool toys, waiting your turn, and cooperating with the staff about the rules are just a few examples.
  5. Devices: There are no electronics in the pool! What a great excuse to power down! Swapping passive screen time for active swimming is a fantastic tradeoff.

Stop by any Pengu Swim School in Houston, Katy or Sugar Land and tell us what your kids have resolved for the new year. We’ll show you how the physical and emotional growth that comes from swimming can be a fun part of the plan.


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