Why Fall is a Great Time for Swim Lessons

Why Fall is a Great Time for Swim Lessons

Time for Swim Lessons: With the fall and winter months approaching, many parents are trying to find fun activities to keep their kids busy.

There’s visiting the pumpkin patch, scavenger hunts and season-themed arts and crafts. But what many parents don’t realize is that there is a summer activity that is perfect all year-round. Swim lessons!

Yes, swim lessons are an activity that can be enjoyed all year. In a city as big as Houston, there is a multitude of indoor pools available for use year-round.

Most people think that because the weather is cooling down, fall can’t possibly be an optimal time for swim lessons. But in fact, it’s the complete opposite! With many indoor facilities having temperature-controlled pool areas and heated pools, your child can enjoy lessons in a safe and enjoyable environment.

At Pengu, our facility has just that! Our pool is heated to a toasty 90-degrees to keep our swimmers comfortable as they take their swim lesson.

Additionally, Pengu offers a state-of-the-art UV sanitation system. This allows us to have a lower chlorine level which helps to reduce its harsh effects on the skin and hair and it’s perfect for babies to swim in too!

Great Time for Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are also a great way for your child to continue to practice their water safety skills and their technical swimming skills in preparation for the upcoming summer. Why lose the leaps and gains that your child made this summer?

Continuing lessons into the fall can help to alleviate the loss of swimming skills over the winter. Many parents look to find a club or league for their children to swim during the fall months, but these are often overly expensive, and swimmers run the risk of not making the cut to join. Fall swim lessons at a swim school are typically cheaper than a league and there is no try-out process for lessons. There is also more focus on the individual swimmer with instructors in the water working with the students.

Pengu offers a 1:4 instructor to student ratio (for most classes) that allows the instructor to spend the right amount of time and apply the appropriate amount assistance to help your child master their skills.

Fall swim lessons are also a great way to keep your child fit and active.

We all know how sluggish we can get as the holiday’s approach.

With vacations, family visits and holiday parties, there’s barely any time left to make sure that our kids are getting enough exercise.

Swim lessons on a regular basis is an excellent idea if you want your child to stay fit and have fun while doing so. On top of half-hour swim lessons, Pengu offers Swim Team Academy for swimmers more advanced in their stroke technique.

Pengu’s non-competitive Swim Team Academy is an hour-long workout. These swimmers get to work on their technique as well as gain endurance to help prepare them for summer league, should they choose to do so. Swim Team Academy is offered year-round and fall is an excellent time for these swimmers to stay fit and active while also becoming better, stronger swimmers. Pengu’s Swim Team Academy offers three in-house swim meets annually so your child can have an introduction to competition in a supportive environment.

So, when you’re trying to figure out your next fall activity, look no further than Pengu Swim School! Even though it’s fall outside, remember, it’s always summer at Pengu!

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