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Why Your Child Needs Private Swim Lessons

Last updated: August 27, 2018

The summer months are filled with swimming. Whether it be in your backyard, at the neighbourhood pool or heading out to your local river, lake, or beach. Regardless of where you choose to swim it is important to recognize the benefit of swim lessons. Deciding on the best type of swim lesson for your child is an important part of the process. You could choose to enrol your child in a group class setting or you may opt for private swim lessons. In this post, we’ll focus on the benefits of choosing private swim lessons for your child.

Individualized Sessions

One benefit of private swim lessons is that the lesson is guaranteed to be individualized. A one-on-one swim lesson can allow the instructor to focus and work on the skills that your child needs to develop the most. The instructor can conduct an early assessment of your child’s swimming abilities and adjust the lesson accordingly. The instructor can continually assess and adjust the lesson specifically based on your child’s pace and skill development.

Strong Rapport

When it comes to swim lessons it is necessary to build a strong relationship between instructor and swimmer. Aside from teaching students water safety skills, this is our most important focus at Pengu. Relationships can strengthen and grow in a private lesson setting. Once trust and rapport are built the swimmer can gain confidence quicker and easier. This is particularly important when a swimmer is extremely anxious or fearful of the water. A one-on-one connection allows your child to build greater confidence in their abilities because they have a built-in personal cheerleader to motivate them through challenges!

Preparation for the Future

Once your child has mastered their essential safety skills in the water you may decide to establish more long-term swimming goals. Perhaps your child has expressed an interest in swimming at the competitive level. Older children may have a dream to continue swimming through high school and onwards to the collegiate level. Building the proper skills to tackle these challenges starts at an early age. With private swim lessons, your family can share these plans with the instructor and collaborate on the next steps to accomplish this goal. Together you and your instructor can develop a personalized plan to help your child meet these goals.

Affordable Lessons

The cost of private swim lessons may be on your mind as you consider this option. It is important to remember that learning to swim is an essential life skill. Another main goal of Pengu is to make sure that all of our lessons are affordable for all of the communities we serve. You can rest assured knowing that affordable private swim lessons are available. In fact, Pengu has some of the most affordable private lessons in and around the Greater Houston area!

Safety Concerns

The reason for the increased uptick in parents getting swim lessons for their kids is because of the increased awareness surrounding the dangers of water. Everyday –and more so during the summer months—we hear stories of children drowning at the pool or in nearby bodies of water. Drowning accidents occur all too often and swim lessons can help to dramatically reduce these risks. Learning to swim is a critical life-changing skill for all children. Private swim lessons can equip your child with the proper water safety skills needed to react and respond should they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Seeking and committing to consistent private swim lessons at your local swim school can make a big difference when it comes to your child’s safety around the water.


Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. With the constant presence of technology and its increased emphasis in educational programs, some parents may fear that their kids are not always getting the time they need to exercise. Swimming is a fun activity that works the entire body and can help your child stay fit, especially if you commit to multiple lessons per week.

Focus and Attentiveness

During private swim lessons, it is likely that your child will increase their focus and attentiveness. Improved focus and attentiveness can translate into other areas of life. Through commitment and dedication to swimming, your child may make connections and build an increased focus and attentiveness that can help with school work, other sports and even at home when performing household chores. In other words, swim lessons can help your child develop more skills to become stronger and more well rounded overall!

Whether your child has been asking for swim lessons or you strongly feel that this step is important for your child’s safety, we encourage you to consider the benefits of private swim lessons. This decision is one that can have a significant impact on your child’s life.


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