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In these uncertain times, we are doing everything we can to ensure the utmost clarity and transparency in the way we are working to keep our staff and our community safe.

Here are the changes we’ve enacted to our functioning procedures to allow for thorough sanitation and proper social distancing in our facilities:

Mask Policy

In accordance with CDC guidelines and local ordinances, we require all patrons over the age of ten years old to wear masks.

Temperature Checks and Health Questionnaire

Each patron that enters Pengu will have their temperature checked. If your temperature is above 100⁰ Fahrenheit, you will not be permitted to enter the building. If your swimmer’s temperature is above 100⁰ Fahrenheit, the swimmer will not be permitted to swim.

Each patron that has a swimmer coming to lessons is required to fill out a health questionnaire provided by Pengu. If you have any symptoms related to COVID-19 or have come into contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, we require you to stay home for two weeks. You will receive a make-up tokens for the classes that you will miss.

Limited Amenities

To diminish the amount of contamination to surfaces, we are taking action to limit access to some high traffic areas.

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic the following amenities are off-limits:

• Showers
• Toy area
• Red table area
• Blow-dry bar
• Water fountains
• Storage cubbies
• Snack shelf (a front desk member will help you with this)
• Drink fridge (a front desk member will help you with this)
• Swimsuit water extractor

Redesigned Lobby and Flow

We’ve redesigned our lobby to allow for proper social distancing as well as adding a new outside lobby area. Both lobbies have fewer chairs than before and they have been placed six feet apart. We request that they are not moved.

In addition to the chairs being spaced out, our lobby now has a different flow to allow patrons to enter and exit the building in a way that keeps everyone safe and socially distant. The front door to the building will now function as the entrance and exit. The back door on the poolside is now an option to exit if you will not be using the dressing rooms.

When you bring your swimmer to Pengu, we request that you bring your child dressed and ready to swim as they will not be able to use the showers. In the cooler months, the dressing rooms are available to use only after your child’s class has finished.

Pengu covid-19 map flow
Pengu covid-19 map flow

Increased Sanitation Efforts

In an attempt to keep patrons as socially as distant as possible, our facilities as sanitary as possible, we are only allowing patrons into the building five minutes before their class. This gives us time to re-sanitize the lobby area after each class. We continuously sanitize the lobby chairs as well as the front desk to keep contamination to a minimum.

Socially Distant Pool Layout

The pool lanes have been staggered to allow for socially distant lessons. The pool has been divided into two halves with lanes one through five on one side and lanes six through ten on the other. There is space between each class to keep it separate from the other class. See the map above for reference.


In our effort to keep ourselves and the communities we serve safe, we vow to be as transparent as possible. If an instructor has tested positive for COVID-19, we will inform the parents of all students that may have come into contact with that instructor. We will require that instructor and any students in contact with that instructor to go into a two-week quarantine.

If a parent of a student comes to us with a positive test, we will inform their instructor as well as any other students in their class and require a two-week quarantine of all those in the class. Once again, you will be given make-up tokens for any classes you’re required to miss.

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