What is Pengu? Swim School and state of the art indoor pool facility


Welcome to PENGU! We are proud to offer our community a state of the art indoor aquatic facility serving children from the age of 4 months.

As parents of three children, we believe in the importance of teaching kids about water safety, and helping them to become confident swimmers. Also as parents, we know we have to take it into our hands to make sure our kids know how to behave, and survive, in a water environment.  We want to assist you in doing so, by giving our area an indoor, year round facility, where children can learn these important skills while enjoying the experience at the same time.

We have a real passion for Pengu Swim School, and from our experience as business owners, we know how important it is to get the concept right.  We traveled to various US and European cities to look at the best swim schools and aquatic facilities.  By combining our extensive research with an excellent design team, we were able to incorporate the best practices of both design, and methodology.  We are also proud members of the United States Swimming School Association and Safer3. We are very excited to offer our community a local swimming school.

What drives us!

  • Above all else, we want all kids to have fun and live water safe.
  • Dancing with our kids to La Brass Banda
  • Attention to detail sets us apart
  • Any last minute trip to anywhere
  • Oma, Opa, Paw-Paw and Nana
  • Friday nights with our friends
  • The idea of sailing……some day!
  • 29.7381° N, 98.1036° W.

And ALWAYS remembering that,”Life is all about the good times”.


PENGU Swim School’s 7,860 square foot newly constructed indoor pool facility will have the following:

  • A separate climate controlled viewing gallery for parents
  • A state of the art water purification system
  • Humidity control in the pool area with a water temperature of approximately 90 degrees
  • Sailing beach theme décor
  • Snack bar offering healthy snacks, “goodies”, and a variety of drinks for busy parents on the go
  • Individual changing rooms with diaper changing stations
  • Dedicated play area for siblings and students to use while they wait
  • Blow dryer station for after lessons
  • Swimsuit dryer
  • “PENGU store” offering a variety of goggles, swimsuits and aquatic toys
  • Free WiFi



Year-round swim instruction

  • Class Ratio 4:1
  • Red Cross certified staff
  • Open swim time with use of water toys
  • Pengu swim academy