Pengu is a great swim school because of our wonderful swimming instructor. We continuously strive to hire, train, and retain the highest quality people for management, instructors, deck supervisors, front desk personnel, and lifeguards.

Pengu swim instructors receive intensive training. Instructors learn the Pengu curriculum which is designed to teach swimmers of all abilities. Each child has the opportunity to grow with Pengu from infancy classes all the way to the swim team! The instructors are there every step of the way emphasizing the joys and compassion for swimming.

Each instructor and lifeguard at Pengu is required to become CPR and Lifeguard certified. And although lifeguards are not required by any governing body to be present during our swim classes, Pengu chooses to employ them to increase water safety at our schools. At Pengu, we believe that when it comes to water and children, we can never be too safe.

Along with our instructors and lifeguards, our front desk team is ready and available to help with any of your customer service needs. Front desk personnel are trained to go the extra mile to ensure your Pengu experience is exceptional. As safety is our number one goal, our front desk is required to become AED/CPR certified through the American Red Cross.

From lifeguards, to instructors and deck supervisors, we all share the belief that it is important that your child learn to swim in a safe and fun environment.